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The Partnership Between My Path Forward and The Success Foundation (TSF)

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

When TSF began our journey in October 2018 Don DeLaney and I had a clear mission in mind to provide workforce readiness training to the underserved in RVA. Beyond that we had no clue as to which population we could best serve. So we decided to meet with as many different non profits as we could to better understand the community and where a specific need might exist.

In January of 2020 Don and I were invited to attend the viewing of a documentary by Children’s Home Society of Va entitled “Aged Out: Coming Home”. Here’s how the invitation described the film: “This incredible hour long film features The Possibilities Project telling the compelling story of the young people it serves and our advocacy efforts on behalf of the foster and aged out youth.”

“My Path Forward, formerly The Possibilities Project, is a collaboration between the Children’s Home Society of Virginia, a 120-year-old adoption agency committed to building lifelong relationships for at-risk youth, and the Better Housing Coalition, a community development organization that provides high-quality, affordable housing and helps build vibrant communities. My Path Forward provides housing and wrap-around services for aged out foster youth in Virginia.”

Since the young adults served by CHS through My Path Forward are very similar to the population we are currently serving at Fostering Acadia, we decided to meet with the MPF team, explain The Success Foundations mission and determine whether there was an opportunity to partner with MPF. All parties agreed and so we officially began our journey mentoring the youth of MPF in April of this year. Since then we have provided on going mentor services to numerous young adults in the MPF program.

TSF met with Nadine Marsh Carter (CHS CEO) and Bruin Richardson (CHS Chief Advancement Officer) in August 2020 to chat about TSFs mentor support services as well as elicit feedback from Nadine and Bruin as to whether they thought TSF was adding value to the young adults we served. In response Nadine replied: “Gary, The Success Foundation has been like “manna from heaven” to the My Path Forward Program. TSFs support to our program and youth has been invaluable.”

Even though it was extremely gratifying to hear the favorable comments from Nadine, the fact of the matter is what motivates and energizes us is the resilience and determination of the young adults we serve which is why Team TSF does all we can every single day to help them find their Path Forward! Feel free to join us…

Gary S Powers, TSF Executive Director

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