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TSF Celebrates Our 5 Year Anniversary!

Yesterday morning was indeed a memorable day for TSF. Don DeLaney and I could never have envisioned 5 years ago that we would gather with numerous mentors in person and on zoom to celebrate our mission. As I said yesterday, we are so appreciative and thankful to all of you for the great work you are doing on behalf of the young adults we serve. 

First of all we wish to thank the Fostering Acadia Team for believing in our mission from the very beginning and partnering with us over the past four and a half years: Jason Brown, Rebekah Brown, Talía Brown, Drew Doody, Debra Bowman, and Brent Rolsten.

We likewise wish to thank Commonwealth Catholic Charities for our amazing partnership over the past couple of years: Jay Brown, Toosdhi Jackson, Jennifer Ward and Antoinette Coates. 

We wish to acknowledge TSFs newest mentors who were officially welcomed yesterday: Debbie Davis and Steffany Rosales. 

We thank the following organizational partners who celebrated with us yesterday: Kebrah and Christian Jefferson, co-founders of Restore TFC, as well as Peter Gunning, Executive Director for Patty’s Hope. 

Finally, we wish to acknowledge and welcome Jannaci Knight whom we have been very fortunate to have gotten to know well over the past couple of years. Following yesterday’s meeting Jannaci personally told me she would like to serve as a mentor for TSF. Naturally we are very pleased to have her join our team!

To accommodate TSFs ever expanding group, following yesterday’s meeting Jason Brown graciously offered to have Fostering Acadia host all future TSF meetings at their office (3920 West Broad Street, Suite 103). 

Many thanks to Donna and Darrell Shires with Medworks for offering TSF their conference room to host our monthly meetings over the past couple of years. We are beyond grateful to Medworks for their amazing encouragement and partnership over the years. 

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