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The Little Engine that Could...The Success Foundation...chug chug puff puff..I think I can!

Remember that wonderful story about success?

The moral really works on several levels but what I mostly think of is how partnerships, and how each of us doing what we are good at doing, must work together to move our missions forward.

Just like the little blue train working with the large train allowed the train with toys to go over the mountain.

Those of us who mentor at The Success Foundation know that a partnership with Great Expectations is a tremendous win for the youth we are privileged to serve. We have seen it work first hand up close and personal.

From their website:

“For foster children, the journey through foster care is a search for someone who is willing to invest in their future. For a growing number of Virginia’s foster youth, that search is ending in success – thanks to Great Expectations.

Virginia ranks last nationally in permanent placements for youth who age out of foster care. One in four children who enter Virginia’s foster care system will not find a permanent home before they turn 18. As a result, approximately 500 young people “age-out” of the system each year, which usually means making it on their own – often with devastating consequences.

Great Expectations is empowering Virginia's foster youth through active support and access to higher education

Started in 2008, Great Expectations is the work of the Virginia Community College System and the Virginia Community College Foundation and is a statewide agency.”

And, Great Expectations is one of several organizations who are laser focused on youth aging out of foster care. What we have learned is that working together as partners we are able to do more and create more success.

The Success Foundation has connected with Rachel Strawn, and the incredible team in the Richmond region, to see first hand how this partnership can open doors, realize dreams for youth and create the lifelong change that education can provide.

Check them out and check us out and reread The Little Engine that Could when you need a wonderful story of success.

Great Expectations and The Success Foundation are doing great work together on behalf of Virginia's foster youth and we know we will continue to do so as we work together to help the young adults we serve climb the mountain to future success!

Sarah B. Williams

The Success Foundation of Va. Board Chair

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