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TSF Update August 2021

Since Team TSF has been extremely busy lately, and not had the chance to update our blog in a while, I thought I would give a brief update.

First of all we are very pleased to announce that Donna Shires, Senior Executive with MedWorks, has recently joined Team TSF. Donna will be playing a very key role, along with Don DeLaney and Bill Weber, and all of TSFs Workforce Development Committee, to reach out to RVA employers to see who may be interested in making a difference in the RVA community by hiring the young adults we serve who have come through the Foster Care system.

Secondly TSF’s Senior Leadership Team, along with Jason Brown (Executive Director), Rob Vermont and Brent Rolsten, key leaders of Fostering Acadia (the largest Independent Living agency In Va), will be introducing our new mentor and tutor model during our August 20th monthly meeting at 10 am at Feed More’s Board Room (1415 Rhodemiller Street RVA).

Finally we are very pleased to announce that Linda Palmer and Tracy Gharbo, co-authors of Reshuffled, real life stories of hope and resilience from foster care, will likewise be joining us during our August 20th meeting at 10 am at Feed More.

Linda and Tracy will be sharing some of the stories of their recently released book about the lives of 22 adults who came through the Foster Care system and are currently thriving. So if you are interested in reading real life stories as to how a teacher, mentor or tutor has made a difference in the lives of 22 youth years ago, and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of young adults today, I recommend you consider purchasing the book Reshuffled (available on Amazon or on their group FB page) and join us August 20th at 10 am at Feed More to meet Linda and Tracy.


Gary S Powers

Executive Director TSF

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