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YouScience Recommendations Report

Greetings All-

Very pleased to follow up our recent post to recognize and thank Dr Gordy Rawles for stepping up to assist TSF with producing a summary of the YouScience Recommendations Report for the Fostering Acadia young adults we mentor. While Gordy has already proven to be an outstanding mentor, given his new level of support, he will now be able to share a vision of potential career paths for the young adults to consider, many of which they are completely unaware they have the skill set to pursue. So on behalf of Team TSF many thanks to Gordy for stepping up and offering his considerable talents to make a difference in RVA.

Also thought I would share the below unsolicited comments from Kristen Turso-Whitlow, the Case Manager with My Path Forward, with whom we partner. Kristen sent me the following email this past Friday:

“ All of you have been absolutely wonderful with the youth. I think every meeting we've had has gone extremely well, and it only continues to get better as we start to find our groove and figure out how to make all of these moving parts work under really hard and ever-changing circumstances. These young adults know when people are genuine and here for them, and when they're not, and they clearly pick up on the compassion, energy and kindness of this group or they would never engage and follow up the way they do. I've gotten so much positive feedback, and as I've told you before, they're brutally honest with me and always feel comfortable telling me when they're not into something. TSF and MPF were definitely made to join forces and I can't wait to see how this partnership continues to progress in 2021.”

Don DeLaney and I are pleased to thank the following TSF mentors who are making a difference in serving the young adults with Fostering Acadia as well as Children’s Home Society: Sarah Williams, Gordy Rawles, Emily Martin, Sara Hillgrove, Renee Walker and Ellen Elmaleh. You guys are absolutely amazing...thank you for making a difference in RVA!

Gary S Powers

Executive Director

The Success Foundation

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